Why do I need a certificate?

The certificate is recognized by employers. Thanks to the certificate your chance to get a good remote job position increases.

How do I get the certificate?

To get the certificate you have to complete the Academy and pass the exam (70% correct answers).

How a certification exam looks like?

The certification exam consist of 100 questions related to the Academy syllabus. There're single and multi choice questions. To pass it, you need to have at least 70% correct answers. You have only 1 attempt.

How long the certificate is valid?

The certificate is valid for a 3 years.

Why the certificate is not valid for indefinite period?

We consider technology, software, science as a part of today's worlds that changing very fast. To be sure Certified Remote Individual is always up to date, we decided to put some time frames on the certification. Be aware, the Academy is not standing in a one place, the content is changing, developing, adapting to current's world needs.

How to prolong my certificate?

You have two options, you can do the Academy again or just take part in the certification exam.

How many hours do I need to finish the Academy?

We estimate that student needs at lest 25h to go through all the materials. Please, be aware you will not have an access to all lessons right after enrollment. We decided to activate modules separately, so student has time to focus on a single module at once.

How much time do I have to finish the Academy?

By enrolling the Academy, you are buying a 3-months access. Within this period, you have to finish it, if you want to get certified.

When the Certificate will be supplied?

You will receive the Certificate via email by the end of the month in which you passed the exam.